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Lawn Dressing


Lawns that are in very poor condition may require significant attention to bring them back to good condition.

Give us a call for a free lawn analysis and see if you can benefit from our service which can cost as little as £22 per application for a 100 square metre lawn.

Lawnserve's six part lawn renovation programme will transform your lawn, replacing worn out grass, removing thatch and moss, and adding valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Following a thorough on-site survey and free, no obligation lawn assessment, a typical lawn renovation programme consists of:

  • Treatment with fertiliser, weedkiller and mosskiller
  • Hollow-Tine Aeration - this will reduce compaction in the lawn and allow air, water and nutrients back into the root zone
  • Deep Scarification - performed as required to remove thatch and moss from the lawn.  This rigorous process will expose areas where grass is weak or dead
  • Overseeding - using appropriate lawn seed to replace poor grass
  • Top Dressing – using a specialist lawn repair mix with high levels of nutrients to encourage seed development
  • Season-specific fertiliser

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